Friday [30 August]

The fourth day of the Assembly

This time, the Conference of Churches on the Rhine invites you to a morning service at 08:30. The focus will be on the term “calling”.

After the introduction to the day at 09:15 by the stewards, the results of the group work are noted in various plenary phases. After lunch (12:40) and lunch (13:00) in the “Römischer Kaiser”, the delegates’ attention shifts from looking back to looking to the future. In future workshops (2.30 p.m.), they will consider which topics would be important for the joint work of the CPCE over the next six years. This will be organised into fields of work. These are “Theological-dogmatic work of the CPCE”, “Ecumenical and interdenominational relations”, “Social ethics”, “Current change: challenges for the churches” and finally “Reception and participation”.

A further business plenary session is scheduled from 18:00, the content of which will only crystallise in the course of the plenary session.

After the meditative evening blessing at 19:00, the full working day can come to an end again from 19:30 in various pubs in the city.