Steward Programme

August 22, 2024 – September 3, 2024

With the Steward Programme, which has become a fixed component of the General Assemblies, the CPCE offers 28 young people between the ages of 18 and 28 the opportunity to take part in an ecumenical volunteer programme. A number of former participants have remained involved in ecumenism to this day as a result of their experiences at the Assembly. In this respect, participation in the programme offers a good introduction to ecumenical and international work.

Aim of the Programme

The Steward programme aims to enable young people to meet other Christians and their churches, to deal with current topics from the Protestant context in Europe and to get to know the life of church communities in Romania and their challenges and issues. At the same time, the stewards have the opportunity to be part of the CPCE General Assembly and to actively support it.

The Programme

The Steward programme consists of workshop days in which Stewards get to know the ecumenical, social and political realities of Romanie and deal with the motto of the General Assembly “In the light of Christ – called to hope.” The other focus of the programme is to support the Assembly. Tasks are e.g. technical support, registration of delegates, order and messenger service, accompanying delegates, assisting in events, services and so on. 

Further information: and 0043 59 1517009012, Monica Niedermaier

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